Other Mounting Options

Besides the mounted Canvas products listed on the website, we are also able to offer the following mounted products.

Matted Prints – For smaller prints we can have these mounted in a photographic matt board, covered by a protective plastic cover. This is ideal for gifts etc whereby a rolled up print can’t compete for presentation. Limited to 30” Panoramic, 20” Square and 20”x30” Standard Full Frame sizes.

Face Mount Acrylic – By using a special adhesive, an airtight bond is created with no air bubbles, fixing your photographic print with tis face mounted to the back of a UV resistant acrylic glass. By directly gluing the face side of the print to the back sheet of acrylic, any light reflections between the photograph is eliminated. As a result, the colours seem sharper, more brilliant, more intense and more immediate.

Alumalux Mount - Your print is pressed directly into aluminium, which allows for a scratch resistant, light weight, water proof product. It is available in two finishes - High Gloss & Brushed Metal. Your images will pack a punch with colour remaining vivid and details staying clear & crisp.

Aluminium Mount – This mounting differs from our Alumalux products, as this technique includes a traditional print being mounted onto aluminium; rather than infused. This means you have a variety of different papers to choose from, Fine Art would have to be our favourite.

Traditionally Framed - This is a very personal choice and is generally governed by where the print will be hung. Typically it takes some experimentation with frame types and matt colours to compliment both your desired mounting location and the image.

Our preference is for the customer to take delivery of the print and then take to a reputable professional framer for framing. We can however arrange for a quotation for customers if they have a good idea on what they would like or they are happy with standard matting and simple framing options.

Please contact us via email if you would like to explore any of these options.