Canvas Mounting Options

For all canvas prints we use Ilford Galerie premium grade 375gsm photographic canvas with an archival rating for approximately 100 years.

After printing via the Giclee process, the print is protected by an UV stabilised overspray to seal and preserve the image. The Canvas print is then stretched over a 40mm thick hardwood frame in a "ready to hang" state with or without a profile frame dependent on your selection.

Note due to the nature of the canvas texture, some sharpness and clarity in the image will be lost. This is not normally an issue and generally adds to the artistic effect of a canvas print. This also allows more latitude in sizing for a given images native resolution.

Our canvas products come in two standard finishes.

"Ready to Hang" or "Profile Frame"

"Ready to Hang" Canvas Products

The standard ready to hang canvas product is the traditional canvas print stretched over a hard wood frame with the edges exposed and thus visible.

Edge treatment options available are Edge Wrap, Clone Wrap or Colour Wrap.

Please specify your preference as to what edge finish you would like in the comments at check out.

If no preference is noted we will simply leave the edges unfinished white.

  • Edge Wrap - this option means your image will continue on around the edges of your canvas. But be careful; you will lose up to 2 inches on each side when it’s stretched.

  • Clone Wrap - this option is recommended if you don’t want to loose any of your image but still appreciate the look of an image continuing around. We simply copy the edges giving the feel of a continued edge.

  • Coloured Wrap - you can choose from either a standard black or white edge, or we can pick a colour for you right out of your image. This is also an option if you want to match the edge to your colour scheme. Just let us know your colour preference in the shopping cart otherwise we will simply leave the canvas raw (white).

Unsure? Contact us via email for further information.

“Profile Frame” Canvas Products

The Profile frame canvas product is the inclusion of an additional frame outside of your canvas print which gives a more finished look to the traditional ready to hang canvas product. Ideal for more formal display pieces.

Typically the outside edge is barely visible in this mounting arrangement, so unless advised otherwise the standard clone wrap is used.

We offer standard profiles in Black, White, Mocha & Jarrah. Please state your preference as to frame choice in the comments at check out.

Unsure? Contact us via email for further information.